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🎉 🐦 Very Serious Code ™️ that generates huge slack messages with emojis.
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Deploy to now with now

With the Party Parrot (:partyparrot:)

Just pass the script a string of your choosing.

python "HELLO" | pbcopy

Custom Emoji List

Use the -e or --emojis flag to use a custom list of emojis.

python "something stupid" -e ":emoji1:" ":emoji2:" ":emoji3:" ":emoji4:" | pbcopy

Auto-Post to Slack

Use the -f or --force flag to auto-post to your favorite Slack channel (configure URL in the "Incoming Webhooks" section of the "Integrations" page).


As a Slash Command /partyparrot

Now that slack supports posting to the channel in response to a slash command, providing the party parrot as one makes a lot of sense. Simply deploy this app to your favorite Procfile-compatible hosting provider (heroku and dokku come to mind) and configure the Custom Slash Command Integration in your slack channel. The app allows for the optional ENV var SLACK_TEAM_TOKEN to restrict access to a specific team.


implying you actually want to test this


Shameless Plug

I also made a shirt for the party parrot because it compelled me to. help me Teespring Campaign teespring campaign

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