✏️ A collection of React Native snippets for Sublime Text and Atom
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[Looking for Maintainer] react-native-snippets

A collection of React Native snippets for Sublime Text and Atom.

These snippets use ES6/7 syntax.


Install by searching for react-native-snippets in Package Control

For Atom, search for react-native-snippets-horse in the Atom Package Manager.


Snippet Tab Trigger Description
React Native Create Class rncc Scaffolds a full react-native component class.
React Native Create Stateless Function rnstf Scaffolds a stateless function.
this.setState() tss
Create StyleSheet css Scaffolds a StyleSheet-only module.
StyleSheet.create() ssc Shortcut for creating a StyleSheet inline.
React.PropTypes. rpt
export default ed

Lifecycle Methods

Snippet Tab Trigger
constructor() constructor()
componentWillMount() cwm
componentDidMount() cdm
componentWillUnMount() cwum
componentDidUnMount() cdum
componentWillUpdate() cwud
componentDidUpdate() cdud
componentWillReceiveProps() cwrp
shouldComponentUpdate() scud
static propTypes = {} propTypes
static defaultProps = {} defaultProps
flex: 1 f1
alignItems: 'center' ai
justifyContent: 'center' jc


Snippet Tab Trigger
ActivityIndicatorIOS rnActivityIndicatorIOS
DatePickerIOS rnDatePickerIOS
Image rnImage
ListView rnListView
Navigator rnNavigator
NavigatorIOS rnNavigatorIOS
PickerIOS rnPickerIOS
Text rnText
TouchableHighlight rnTouchableHighlight
View rnView

Some snippets heavily inspired by sublime-react.


  • Flow Type Checking Annotations


  1. Create your snippet.
  2. Postfix your snippets with _react_native.
  3. Generate the Atom snippet file (make install && make atom)
  4. Add them to the README
  5. Submit a Pull Request
  6. ???
  7. Profit!

Try to make your snippet tab triggers follow a syllable-based fuzzy-search style. For example for componentWillUpdate(), cwud is preferred over cwup.