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Shuffle Automation

Shuffle is an automation platform for and by the community, focusing on accessibility for anyone to automate. Security operations is complex, but it doesn't have to be.

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Documentation can be found on and is written here:

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  • Simple, feature rich workflow editor
  • App creator using OpenAPI
  • Premade apps for your security tools
  • Organization and sub-organization control
  • Hybrid resource sharing with (optional)



We want to make the world of cybersecurity more accessible and need all the help we can get. Send an email to frikky@shuffler and we'll make sure to give you any training you may need.

These are the main areas to contribute in:

  • Frontend (ReactJS)
  • Backend (Golang)
  • App Creation (Python & GUI w/OpenAPI)
  • Documentation (Markdown)
  • Workflow creation (GUI & Conceptualizing)
  • Content Creation (Blogs, videos etc)

Contributing guidelines are outlined here.


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All modular information related to Shuffle will be under MIT (anyone can use it for whatever purpose), with Shuffle itself using AGPLv3.

Workflows: MIT Documentation: MIT Shuffle backend: AGPLv3 Apps, specification and App SDK: MIT


Shuffle Architecture

Repository overview

Below is the folder structure with a short explanation

├──				# What you're reading right now
├── backend					# Contains backend related code.
│   ├── go-app 			# The backend golang webserver
│   └── app_sdk			# The SDK used for apps
├── frontend				# Contains frontend code. ReactJS, Material UI and cytoscape
├── functions				# Has execution and extension resources, such as the Wazuh integration
│   ├── onprem				# Code for onprem solutions
│   │   ├── Orborus 	# Distributes execution locations
│   │   ├── Worker		# Runs a workflow
└ docker-compose.yml 	# Used for deployments

It's in BETA - Get in touch, send a mail to or poke me on twitter @frikkylikeme