implements CMD+L for windows enthusiasts
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implements CMD+L for windows enthusiasts To be more precise, it puts display to sleep.

To lock your computer, you need to have System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Require the password Immediately after sleep saver begins, and a password set.


(Hi, Cédric!)

Why ?

  • Because Keychain Access' menubar introduce the question: "Why lock keychain?"
  • Because ctrl+shift+power/eject can become halt or reboot if user is not careful
  • Because Hot Corners are not loved by everyone (and they only start screensaver)

Some details

Building the App

Workspace Setup

This app uses Cocoapods. Please first install it (usually with sudo gem install cocoapods). Then follow this:

  • git clone
  • cd MenuLock
  • pod install
  • open MenuLock.xcworkspace/

Then go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme… and make sure Run > Executable is set to "".



  • sudo installer -target / -pkg /tmp/MenuLock-1.1.pkg
  • sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/io.fti.MenuLock.plist

Key Modifiers

let keyMask: NSEventModifierFlags = [ .AlternateKeyMask, .ShiftKeyMask]

event modifier flag Description
AlphaShiftKeyMask Caps Lock
ShiftKeyMask Shift
ControlKeyMask Control
AlternateKeyMask Alt
CommandKeyMask Command
NumericPadKeyMask Set if any key in the numeric keypad is pressed (and arrows)
HelpKeyMask Help Key (does this still exists?)
FunctionKeyMask The function keys include the F keys at the top of most keyboards (F1, F2, and so on) and the navigation keys in the center of most keyboards (Help, Forward Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and the arrow keys).

Key Code

let keyCode = UInt(0x25)

These are defined in /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/Headers/Events.h. Be careful these work for US Keyboards. I'd love to learn a better way to do this.

Key Code Hex Equivalent
A 0x00
S 0x01
D 0x02
F 0x03
H 0x04
G 0x05
Z 0x06
X 0x07
C 0x08
V 0x09
B 0x0B
Q 0x0C
W 0x0D
E 0x0E
R 0x0F
Y 0x10
T 0x11
1 0x12
2 0x13
3 0x14
4 0x15
6 0x16
5 0x17
Equal 0x18
9 0x19
7 0x1A
Minus 0x1B
8 0x1C
0 0x1D
RightBracket 0x1E
O 0x1F
U 0x20
LeftBracket 0x21
I 0x22
P 0x23
L 0x25
J 0x26
Quote 0x27
K 0x28
Semicolon 0x29
Backslash 0x2A
Comma 0x2B
Slash 0x2C
N 0x2D
M 0x2E
Period 0x2F
Grave 0x32
KeypadDecimal 0x41
KeypadMultiply 0x43
KeypadPlus 0x45
KeypadClear 0x47
KeypadDivide 0x4B
KeypadEnter 0x4C
KeypadMinus 0x4E
KeypadEquals 0x51
Keypad0 0x52
Keypad1 0x53
Keypad2 0x54
Keypad3 0x55
Keypad4 0x56
Keypad5 0x57
Keypad6 0x58
Keypad7 0x59
Keypad8 0x5B
Keypad9 0x5C
Return 0x24
Tab 0x30
Space 0x31
Delete 0x33
Escape 0x35
Command 0x37
Shift 0x38
CapsLock 0x39
Option 0x3A
Control 0x3B
RightShift 0x3C
RightOption 0x3D
RightControl 0x3E
Function 0x3F
F17 0x40
VolumeUp 0x48
VolumeDown 0x49
Mute 0x4A
F18 0x4F
F19 0x50
F20 0x5A
F5 0x60
F6 0x61
F7 0x62
F3 0x63
F8 0x64
F9 0x65
F11 0x67
F13 0x69
F16 0x6A
F14 0x6B
F10 0x6D
F12 0x6F
F15 0x71
Help 0x72
Home 0x73
PageUp 0x74
ForwardDelete 0x75
F4 0x76
End 0x77
F2 0x78
PageDown 0x79
F1 0x7A
LeftArrow 0x7B
RightArrow 0x7C
DownArrow 0x7D
UpArrow 0x7E