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SplashBuddy Kickstart Guide

Step 1: Configuring Jamf Pro


All the packages need to be named in the form NAME-VERSION.pkg. Only one dash (-) is allowed per package.

For example:

  • Enterprise Connect: Enterprise Connect-1.6.4.pkg
  • TextMate: TextMate-2.0rc4.pkg


You then need to create the policies. I suggest the following:

  • Assign the category "@_Enrollment" to distinguish them from the rest (optional)
  • Set the frequency to 'Ongoing'
  • Set the trigger to 'Enrollment'
  • Prefix the policy names with a two-digit number to put them in a specified order (will be used in future versions for progress display)
  • Add an empty policy with the User Interaction > Start Message "Please wait…" to show progress while SplashBuddy is being downloaded, installed and launched. This will be your first policy, labelled ’01 Please Wait’
  • Put the SplashBuddy Policy as early as possible (label it ’05 SplashBuddy’)

Step 2: Getting the Example Assets

  1. Go to https://github.com/ftiff/SplashBuddy/releases
  2. Download the latest SplashBuddy-Installer.zip & the SplashBuddy.app
  3. Unzip it

Step 3: Preparing SplashBuddy Assets

Navigate to payload/Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy

Here reside:

  1. The SplashBuddy application, need to be copied into: /installer/payload/Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/(SplashBuddy.app)
  2. The script that will launch SplashBuddy: SplashBuddy.launch.sh (called by the LaunchAgent)
  3. The HTML bundle that will be displayed to the user: presentation.bundle (and optional localizations: XX.lproj subfolders, where XX is the two letter language code). For further customization of the presentation.html or localization please see the Manual.
  4. Application icons (128x128px in PNG format)
  5. The payload also contains a LaunchAgents folder with the launchd plist and a Preferences folder with the preference file: io.fti.SplashBuddy.plist

Edit Preferences (1)

In payload/Library/Preferences you will find io.fti.SplashBuddy.plist

This is a Property List (plist) in XML format which contains a list of software to monitor, in the order of appearance.

A good editor is either Xcode (free on the Mac App Store) or PlistEdit Pro, available at https://www.fatcatsoftware.com/plisteditpro/

Edit Preferences (2)

The applicationsArray key contains an array (list) of the policies (installation steps) SplashBuddy will display.

Each item in the list is a dictionary (dict) and has the following keys:

  • canContinue: is this a required step, i.e. can the process continue before this software is installed?
  • description: the second display line (see next screenshot). Can be used for more detail
  • displayName: the name of the software
  • iconRelativePath: a 128x128px PNG icon residing in /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/
  • packageName: the name of the package (currently it is [packageName]-version.pkg -- eg. "Google Chrome-57.0.2987.98.pkg" needs "Google Chrome”)
  1. Select the first item in the list, labeled "0"
  2. Copy and Paste to use this as a template. Do not modify the Class (it should be Dictionary).
  3. Change the values of the keys in the new items to match the installation policies in Jamf Pro
  4. Keep the items in the same order as the installation policies in the JSS (note: the index number won't change -- double check with the XML at the bottom of the window)

Main Window keys

Step 4: Generating Splashbuddy.pkg

  1. Is the payload/Library/Preferences/io.fti.SplashBuddy.plist configured ?
  2. Are all the Assets in the right place ?
  3. Have you copied the SplashBuddy.app into: payload/Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/ ?

Please double check all the above, then execute the build_pkg.sh located in the Installer folder in the Terminal.

If everything worked you should get the Splashbuddyinstaller-xxx.pkg under the scripts folder:

Step 5: Upload into Jamf Pro

You need to upload the Splashbuddyinstaller-xxx.pkg into Jamf Pro. It must be among the first policies that will be run at Enrollment Complete.

Have fun testing ....

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