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  • At a minimum, provide the English (default) HTML file in /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/presentation.bundle/en.lproj/index.html
  • Each resource (<img>…) must reside in the .lproj folder corresponding to the localization (eg. /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/presentation.bundle/en.lproj/) if they are localized
  • Non-localized resources can reside in the common folder. You will need to reference them with a relative path (example: <img src="../common/SplashBuddy.png">)
  • Add a localization by creating folder with the right Locale ID. For example: /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/presentation.bundle/fr.lproj/index.html for French

More details


When Localization support was added to SplashBuddy, we needed to find an elegant way to support different languages for the file, while making it optional. Fortunately, Apple has built in support for this.

In practice, SplashBuddy will look at the language preferences of the user (System Preferences > Language & Region) and will try to match the top on, then second etc.

SplashBuddy expects /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/presentation.bundle. Apple calls it a package, which is "any directory that the Finder presents to the user as if it were a single file". Examples of such packages are: .app, .bundle, .framework, .plugin, .kext. I chose to use .bundle as it already available and very close to our use.

👍🏼 To open the bundle, right-click on it and hit "Show Package Contents"

The structure of the package is:

  • common contains the common resources (like img, css, jss…).
  • en.lproj contains the default (or fallback) language. For SplashBuddy, it is English.
  • fr.lproj: French localization
  • de.lproj: German localization
  • nl.lproj: Dutch localization

ℹ️ Only /Library/Application Support/SplashBuddy/presentation.bundle/en.lproj/index.html is required.

Inside each .lproj folder is index.html which will be displayed to the user. Any localized resource used by index.html must be present in the localized folder. In other words. If the French localisation displays a localized image, it must exist in fr.lproj. Common (non-localized) images should reside in the common folder. You will need to reference them with a relative path (example: <img src="../common/SplashBuddy.png">)

SplashBuddy only support a few localisations today for the interface, but feel free to use any localisation for presentation.bundle. You can get a description of Locale IDs here. As an example, if you want to supply an index.html for Simplified Chinese used in Hong Kong, use zh-Hans_HK.lproj/index.html.

Demo content (1.2)

Luckily, we provide an example 🥇

All you need to do to get started is:

  • put the logos in common folder (64x64 png is best)
  • customize the text index.html in each .lproj folder

ℹ️ Each <div> correspond to a page.

For example:

   <img src="../common/Self Service.png" alt="Self Service" style="width:64px;height:64px;">
   <p>One of the benefits of Jamf is Self Service; think of it like a custom App Store just for employees.
   <p>You'll find it on the lefthand side of your Dock.

Here you can change the <img src=[...]> and the content below it.

ℹ️ Make sure you do the same for each localization (.lproj folder) or delete the localizations you don't need.


📝 For 1.0, the dimensions were 561x405px. If you are inserting a video, a resolution of 570x377 will fill the presentation borders left to right.

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