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Adds new emotes to Reddit!
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Emotes Being Added Soon
Seperate Builds : Forks


We are on Reddit at /r/BetterGFMotes

##What is This?

BetterGFMotes is an Reddit emote script (similar to BetterPonyMotes) that allows the user to see more emotes than usual on Reddit, all over Reddit.

###Why Not BetterPonyMotes?

BetterGFMotes does not use any backend (and not that much JavaScript). Instead, this uses (mostly) CSS to show the user the emotes.


This project is maintained by /u/HeyItsShuga (Shugabuga on GitHub), but includes image content from seperate designers. If you happen to be one of these deisgners and want your work removed, please let me know by PMing /u/HeyItsShuga on Reddit.


The "Chrome" folder is for Google Chrome, and the "Firefox" folder is for Firefox. Install accordingly.


-The manual.css folder is where the emote CSS is stored, as with the modifier CSS. This file will be applied to the browser.

  • The popup.html is the list of emotes that appear when clicking the plug-in's icon. It is an HTML file.

  • The icon#.png files are the icon for the plug-in. The # matches to the resolution.

  • The code.js (Chrome) and the index.js (Firefox) file stores the JavaScript for loading the CSS into the browser.

  • The manifest.json and package.json (Firefox) stores version information and other crucial information.

  • The emote_list.js (Firefox) file is for the plug-in icon.

  • Chrome's background.html does nothing (yet).

##Contributing to BetterGFMotes

Contributing is highly suggested, as it keeps the project alive! Here's some ways for anybody to help:


Please submit emote requests and feature requests at


Please submit your emote designs at Chances are that they will make it in to BetterGFMotes soon!


You can fork this project and work on the code. If you want your changes to make it to the release versions of BetterGFMotes, please PM /u/HeyItsShuga on Reddit!

  • Our official jQuery theme can be found here.

###Moderators of Communities

The more communities that are supported, the better BetterGFMotes becomes! Please contact /u/HeyItsShuga on Reddit with a link to your community as long as it is:

  1. (Mostly) Safe For Work (SFW): At the current moment, I will not accept rule-34 emotes.

  2. Malware Free: I will not support the spreading of viruses, and will not put your content in if it could infect other's computers with adware, viruses, trojan horses, etc.

  3. Crime Free (Legal): Don't link to a community where laws are being broken.

  4. Is not on the Dark Net

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