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A powerful and flexible home page.
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A powerful and flexible home page.

Casa is an easily customizable, feature-rich landing page designed to be used as a browser's "home" page. It has been designed with keyboard usage in mind, with all core functionality being accessible in a few keystrokes.


Please refer to the official site for a list of Casa's features.


Casa's UI is straight forward. Type your query in the Casa search box (which supports navigating to URLs and DuckDuckGo search), press the Enter key to search, and click the bookmarks/auto-complete queries to visit them. It also has some more hidden features such as:

  • Type in an alias (as set by the shortcut property in the data object) to select a bookmark.
  • Click the greeter to pick a new one.
  • Press the up or down arrow keys to select the left or right auto-complete query.
  • Click the currently playing song to search for it on DuckDuckGo.


Automatically (recommended)

Use the Casa set-up wizard here. It should walk you through the entire process, generate all the needed configuration files, and put them in the correct place. It also will remove bloat for unwanted featured (if requested).


You will probably need a web server. Here's how you can set one up!

  • Casa does support GitHub Pages, but not with auto-complete or iTunes integration (which require api.php).
  1. Download index.html.

  2. Change your skin. This can be done by changing the default value of the openskin variable to an OpenSkin-compatible skin.

    • An example bare-bones skin can be found below.
    var openskin = {
           "name": "Casa Dark",
           "logo": "",
           "author": "Shuga",
           "description": "The default dark mode for the Casa home page.",
           "styles": [
                 "containerBackground": "background:#222222",
                 "label": "color:#eeeeee",
                 "caption": "color:grey",
                 "button": "background:#454545",
                 "searchbar": "background:#434343;color:#eeeeee",
                 "icon": "color:darkgrey",
                 "buttonHover" :"background:#545454!important",
                 "buttonFocus": "background:#343434!important",
                 "searchbarFocus": "background:#323232!important",
                 "greenText": "color:green",
                 "blueText": "color:teal"
    • Please note that properties listed under the application name (casa) will be ignored. Most skin designers don't have to worry about this.
  3. Add your bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in the data variable, which is an object that hosts all the bookmarks and their data.

    • Bookmarks provide all alias data to the Casa search bar in the shortcut array. If you want an alias but not have it appear as a bookmark, set is_visible to false.
    • icon entries are Font Awesome class names. Although Casa's set-up wizard does not tell you, you can opt to have Unicode characters to be the bookmark's icon if you set is_fa to false.
    • An example bookmark data variable can be found below:
    var data = {
         "Twitter": {
             "url": "",
             "icon": "fab fa-twitter",
             "is_fa": "true",
             "is_visible": "true",
             "shortcut": ["t","tw","twitter"]
         "Reddit": {
             "url": "",
             "icon": "fab fa-reddit",
             "is_fa": "true",
             "is_visible": "true",
             "shortcut": ["r","re","rd","reddit"]
         "MyAnimeList": {
             "url": "",
             "icon": "",
             "is_fa": "false",
             "is_visible": "true",
             "shortcut": ["mal","my_anime_list","myanimelist","weeb"]
  4. Add custom phrases. The rotation for greeters are stored in the phrases array.

  5. Toggle iTunes integration. If you have macOS and want iTunes integration, download api.php. If you don't want iTunes integration but want auto-complete functionality, download api_lite.php and rename it api.php.

  • Note: api.php and index.html must be in the same folder!
  1. Toggle auto-complete. If api.php is not going to be used, set isAutoComplete to false to disable auto-complete.
  2. You're done! Casa should be set up and ready to go!


Let me know on Twitter.

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