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A JavaScript-based OpenSkin implementation.
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OpenSkinJS for Framework7

OpenSkin: The Flexible and Open Skin Format


OpenSkin is a proposed file format based off of the JSON syntax that will (try to) make a standardized format for application theming. It is based off of the skin format of web-based GameBoy Advance emulator iGBA (now Eclipse), but expanded to be used for non-emulators and to enrich the capabilities of their theming system, as it was quite limited in its standard state.

The Library

OpenSkinJS is a library designed for developers to easily take advantage of OpenSkin-formatted skins with little effort, especially for Framework7-based web applications. It will take the skin file (as an object, JSON string, or a remote file (given it doesn't violate cross-site restrictions)) and allow for it to be loaded into the DOM, as well as the ability to work with the skin's metadata (like name and description).


To set up OpenSkin in your project, add the following towards the end of the page (to make sure any dependencies are loaded and to reduce page load time):

<!-- OpenSkin -->
<script>var openskin = "appName"</script>
<script src="openskin.min.js"></script>
<!-- /OpenSkin -->

Make sure to replace appName with your web app's name. This is used for skin developers to fine-tune their skins for your site (if needed).

Skin Designers

If you are a skin designer, use example.json to assist in making new skins. Please refer to the specific application for properties that might be used for said application, on top of the defaults.


Fetching the Skin

OpenSkin.getJSON(url, loadAfter): Loads a skin from a given url (most browsers require that files have to be loaded from the same domain for security purposes)

OpenSkin.getStr(json, loadAfter): Takes a string of JSON (passed as json) and loads it

OpenSkin.getObj(object, loadAfter): Takes an already-parsed object and loads it

Applying the Skin

OpenSkin.load(): Applies the skin.

The loadAfter boolean in the fetch methods, when set to true, will apply the skin after the skin is loaded.

Skin API

The function will return an object that allows for the access of the currently loaded skin, including its name, properties, and styles.

Reporting Bugs

Vulnerabilities (i.e. XSS)

Please contact HeyItsShuga immediately.

Everything Else

Please use the Issues tab to report any bugs that don't compromise security.

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