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Shyp's Sails Fork

This is Shyp's fork of the Sails.js project. We use Sails solely as an API, and we have removed support for many upstream features:

  • Grunt
  • Blueprints
  • Socket support
  • Auto routes
  • Support for any datastore besides Postgres
  • Connect/connect-flash
  • Sessions
  • CSRF
  • Multiple validation errors for a single request (only one error is returned)
  • Custom bootstrap in config/bootstrap.js
  • Sails no longer clobbers the SIGTERM, SIGUSR2, and SIGINT handlers.
  • Skipper

By limiting the feature set we hope to reduce the attack surface and ship something that's more reliable and predictable.

Contribute/Project Direction

We'll read community error reports, issues and PR's, though it's unlikely that we'll have time to test and merge them.


We run tests on CircleCI. Here's an image showing whether the tests pass or fail.

With node installed:

$ npm install sails@git+

Your First Sails Project

Create a new app:

# Create the app
$ sails new testProject

Lift sails:

# cd into the new folder
$ cd testProject

# fire up the server
$ sails lift


Sails is built on Node.js, and Express

Sails controllers are compatible with Connect middleware, so in most cases, you can paste code into Sails from an existing Express project and everything will work.

The ORM, Waterline, has a well-defined adapter system for supporting Postgres.


This fork is actively built and maintained by the Shyp engineering team


MIT License Copyright © 2012-2014 Mike McNeil

Sails is built around so many great open-source technologies that it would never have crossed our minds to keep it proprietary. We owe huge gratitude and props to TJ Holowaychuk (@visionmedia) and Guillermo Rauch (@guille) for the work they did, as well as the stewards of all the other open-source modules we use. Sails could never have been developed without your tremendous contributions to the node community.


Shyp's Fork of Sails (many upstream features are not present)




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