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A Firefox addon to display a Github repository's size

Build Status Mozilla Add-on UserScript

Add repository size to the Github's summary.

Addon screenshot

This addon use the size as returned by the GitHub API and may be innacurate due to how GitHub stores git repositories! See here and here for more informations.


Download the addon from or, if you prefer, you can download this project as a userscript from the GitHub releases page.

Private Repositories

A Personal Access Token from an account with access to the private repository is required for this addon to work. You can create a Personal Access Token here. Don't forget to check the repo scope.

The addon will ask for a token automatically the first time you visit a private repository, you can also show the dialog by clicking on the element added by the addon or you can visit the addon's settings page (Firefox only).


  • Use yarn build-webext to build the Firefox webextension
  • Use yarn build-userscript to build the UserScript
  • Use yarn webext to have an automated build on changes