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Plugin for Sia-UI to add dark mode functionality via About plugin
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Dark Mode for Sia-UI

This plugin adds "Dark Mode" support to the Sia-UI, Sia's official wallet and user interface. The plugin replaces the default "About" plugin of the Sia-UI in order to add this functionality. All files are contained within the "About" plugin in order to cause minimal invasion and editing of Sia-UI's files.

Dark Mode for Sia UI

This plugin is created and maintained by It is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.


You must first download Sia-UI from Sia's website if you haven't already. Substitute the Sia-UI folder in the examples below with the location and name of your Sia-UI folder that you extracted the Sia-UI files to.

Method 1: Download ZIP file

  1. Download this plugin from the SiaPlugins page by clicking the Download button for the Dark Mode plugin. If you download the ZIP from Github, it will not contain the proper folder structure for step 2.
  2. Extract the "About" folder to your Sia-UI\resources\app\plugins\ folder, and replace all files if prompted.

That's it! Open Sia-UI and you'll see a "Dark Mode" checkbox appear in the About section. To update in the future, download the ZIP file again, extract and overwrite the existing files.

Method 2: Clone using Git

You can clone the project directly using Git:

git clone "Sia-UI\resources\app\plugins\About"

The About folder must be empty or not already exist for this to work, so you'll need to delete the original About folder first.

Once cloned, open Sia-UI and you'll see a "Dark Mode" checkbox appear in the About section. To update in the future, you can simply git pull origin master.

A Note On Updating Sia-UI

If you update Sia-UI in the future, this plugin will be overwritten. Simply re-install it using the steps above to restore Dark Mode functionality, though updates to Sia-UI may break some Dark Mode features. We'll update this plugin as soon as possible if this happens.

More Plugins and Information

Visit to learn more about this plugin, it's creators, and to find other plugins like it.

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