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WoW addon: Automatically handles guild announce messages.
Lua TeX
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Automatically handles guild announce messages. [Wow 2.4.3]


Configuration can only be done by means of slash commands:

/gann message your_message_here
Sets guild recruitment message.
/gann interval interval_in_seconds
Sets interval between messages.
/gann on
Enables the addon.
/gann off
Disables the addon.


Configuration is stored per character. You have to configure and enable Announcer on every officer character separately. It is also possible to store configuration under guild info tab, which will override manual settings.

To synchronise the settings between all users, append the following text to your guild info: {gann:interval_in_seconds:your_message_here}. You still have to manually do /gann on, however.

Example: {gann:600:Best of best. See our site at ...}

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