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Provides group template functionality. Usage: /sgt

Supports World of Warcraft patch 2.4.3 only.


These are the available slash commands. All of these can also be accessed through the graphical interface under /sgt gui or through the in-game options pane.

T is the template name and has a value of Default if not provided.

  • /sgt save T — Saves the group template under name T.
  • /sgt disband — Disbands the group. Make sure you did /sgt save before!
  • /sgt restore T — Performs a full restore from template T.

Restoring consists of the following steps, which can also be issued individually:

  • /sgt invite T — Invites players from template who are outside of your current group.
  • /sgt shuffle T — Shuffles players between subgroups according to the template.
  • /sgt assistants T — Promotes assistants.
  • /sgt loot T — Sets proper looting method and threshold.
  • /sgt leader T — Promotes new leader according to the template.

Additional commands:

  • /sgt move <player> <group> — Moves player to specified group.
  • /sgt remote shuffler <name> — The remote group shuffler.
  • /sgt gui — Displays the graphical interface.


These are the steps that have to be done in order to do repartying.

Slash command method:

  • Remove offline and AFK players from raid.
  • Save group template (leader is not needed): /sgt save
  • Disband the group (you have to be the leader): /sgt disband
  • Restore template when disband finished: /sgt restore

Graphical interface:

  • Open the GUI: /sgt gui
  • Remove offline and AFK players from raid.
  • Place the cursor in the New template input box and press Enter. This will save the group template under the name of Default.
  • Press the Disband group button.
  • Make sure the Select template menu points to the Default template.
  • Finally press the Restore button and wait for the process to finish.

Of course you can repeat the whole process using other template name if needed.


  • Download sGroupTemplater using the Download ZIP button on the right (or by cloning the repository using Git).
  • Open the ZIP file and copy contents of sGroupTemplater-master folder to your Wow\Interface\AddOns directory.
  • Restart the game client, log into the game and ensure that sGroupTemplater is present on the addon list.

Screen shots


GUI under /sgt gui.


Bindings pane


WoW addon: Provides group template functionality. Usage: /sgt



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