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// Check Video Renderer
// ----
// This script is designed to warn the user if they are not using the OpenGL video renderer.
// As this project as a whole utilizes and takes full advantages of the OpenGL renderer, the
// current state of the Software renderer is simply incompatible [19.June.2016].
// The message will warn the user to change the video renderer.
// This script can not be toggled or altered in RealTime; so its not possible to stop the warning
// that is being displayed on the user's screen.
// ----
// Check Video Renderer State
// ----
// Description
// This is a small script that - if required to, will manage the
// warning message.
// If OpenGL or something better is utilized, this script will
// terminate on its own.
SCRIPT "CheckVideoRendererState" OPEN CLIENTSIDE
// If the renderer is not OpenGL, display message
if (!ReportVideoRenderer())
// Warn the user with msg
// Wait ~10 seconds before loop
Delay(35 * 9);
} while (True);
} // CheckVideoRendererState()
// This function will report back the end-user's renderer
// ----
// Output
// True = OpenGL or better
// False = Software or incompatible
function bool ReportVideoRenderer (VOID)
int stateRend = GetCVar("VID_Renderer");
switch (stateRend)
case 0:
// Software
return False;
case 1:
// OpenGL
Return True;
// Unknown
Return False;
} // Switch()
Return False; // Even though we wont reach this statement, ACC wont compile without it....
} // ReportVideoRenderer()
// This function will display the warning message that the end-user is using an
// incompatible renderer engine.
function void DisplayRendererMSG (VOID)
// Use smaller font
// Set the HUD size to: 320x200
SetHudSize(320, 200, FALSE);
// Print the message to the screen
HudMessage(l:"IncompatibleVideoRenderer_MSG"; // Message
// Type of HudMessage
HUDMSG_LAYER_OVERHUD, // Hud message is displayed on top of the player's Hud
2, // ID
CR_LIGHTBLUE, // Colour of the message
0.5, // x value on the Cartesian plane
20.1, // y value on the Cartesian plane
9.0 // Hold time (seconds)
} // DisplayRendererMSG()
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