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Simple GLTF importer for Unity


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Allows you to import and export glTF files during runtime and in editor. glTF is a new opensource 3d model transmission format which supports everything you'll ever need from a format in Unity. Read more about glTF here

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What makes GLTFUtility different?

Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, GLTFUtility aims to be an import-and-forget solution, keeping consistency with built-in functionality.


Using Unity Package Manager (Help)
  1. "com.siccity.gltfutility": ""
Using git
  1. Get Newtonsoft.JSON from one of these sources
  2. Clone GLTFUtility by itself or as a submodule
    • Clone into your assets folder git clone
    • Add repo as submodule git submodule add Assets/Submodules/GLTFUtility
Manual download
  1. Get Newtonsoft.JSON from the asset store
  2. Download and extract to your project assets

Important notice



  • Editor import
  • Editor export
  • Runtime import API
  • Runtime export API
  • GLTF format
  • GLB format
  • Multithreading
  • URP #75
  • HDRP #73
  • LWRP


  • Static mesh (with submeshes)
  • UVs (up to 8 channels)
  • Normals
  • Tangents
  • Vertex colors
  • Materials (metallic/specular, opaque/mask/blend)
  • Textures (embedded/external)
  • Remote textures (during async only)
  • Rig
  • Avatar/Mask #70
  • Animations (multiple)
  • Morph targets (with experimental names)
  • Cameras


  • KHR_texture_transform (partial support)
  • KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness
  • KHR_lights_punctual #25
  • KHR_draco_mesh_compression #27 WARNING: Said to cause issues on WebGL.
  • KHR_mesh_quantization

Known issues

  • ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null in build but not in editor.
    • This is most likely due to shaders being stripped from the build. To fix this, add the GLTFUtility shaders to the Always Included Shaders list in Graphic Settings.
  • Draco compression does not work on iOS and UWP

Runtime import API

// Single thread
using Siccity.GLTFUtility;

void ImportGLTF(string filepath) {
   GameObject result = Importer.LoadFromFile(filepath);
// Multithreaded
using Siccity.GLTFUtility;

void ImportGLTFAsync(string filepath) {
   Importer.ImportGLTFAsync(filepath, new ImportSettings(), OnFinishAsync);

void OnFinishAsync(GameObject result, AnimationClip[] animations) {
   Debug.Log("Finished importing " +;

Important shader note

To ensure that Unity includes the GLTFUtility shaders in builds, you must add these shaders to the 'Always Included Shaders' list.

  1. Open Edit -> Project Settings
  2. Open Graphics
  3. Scroll to Always Included Shaders
  4. Under Size, increase the value by 4 and hit Enter.
  5. In the Project panel, navigate to Packages/GLTFUtility/Materials/Built-in.
  6. In this directory are 4 .shader files.
  7. Drag and drop each of the 4 files into one of the 4 newly created rows in Always Included Shaders.