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Welcome to SickGear!

You can get SickGear here, and use the following install guides

SickGear provides management of TV shows and has evolved from the tireless efforts of developers across many forks, including but not limited to: Sick-Beard, Sickbeard TPB, Sickbeard Bricky, Sickbeard-Anime, Sickbeard tolstyak, and SickRagePVR.

Our goal is to continue the development of SickGear with a focus on well-written code and a commitment to the community that SickGear is here to stay. We have endured many hardships such as a false DMCA takedown, as well as various issues plagued by the community; such as political disputes unrelated to the development of a proper PVR software.

Our continued support of the community will remain unhindered and we welcome anyone who feels the same way we do.

Spot the super cars on the ground; Ctrl F5 = Replay (Chrome may fail to play the following video)

See the other links to the right under the section SickGear Wiki Home for more

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