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FAQ Alt Names

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Document Dated: 19 Oct 2019

How to process/snatch a release with an alternative show name than that listed in SickGear

If you encounter a release with a different show name than the one SickGear uses for display, you can add it as an alternative release name.

A common use case is a show name without a year (e.g. Revolution), where some releases add the premiered year of the show (i.e. Revolution (2012)) or vice versa, another use case is an acronym filename (i.e. TBBT).

To spot an alternative title, observe that the title in logs differ to the title on the edit/display show page, in some cases there may be a log entry "Must add show to SickGear...".

Display the show details, click "Edit", then "Add" an "Alternative release name" as required.

SickGear will process releases named in the original and all alternative ways that you provide. Note: This image shows the original listed name in the title, in white text after "Edit", that is "3%"