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FAQ File size nonsense

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File size nonsense

Some people approach SickGear from other apps like CouchPotato or elsewhere and ask a common request. When they reach an appreciation that what they are asking for is a nonsense, much pain, effort + time is saved.

The feature request is about "Using release size management with qualities."

It goes something like this... "Qualities management, in order to tune search params, add size limits like couchpotato has"

The desire is to filter search results by reported release size to prevent false +ve snatches.

However, we have never seen a false +ve that file size would have prevented in all the years since SickBeard began. And when this was said to one user, the reply was, "I just saw a HD720 show get snatched today that was 22GB" - later he realised that snatch was an entire series and had nothing to do with what he was requesting. Now, had the feature persisted in his mind, countless hours would be wasted trying to tune sizes, especially as file size releases for one episode in HD can vary from MB to several GB.

  1. Size limits per quality create more issues than they solve
  2. Releases come in wildly different file sizes, due to video bitrate, audio quality, different lengths of watch time, and many other factors, so false positives occur anyway
  3. The purpose of this request is to filter releases out, a goal that is far more reliably and cheaply achieved using the existing ignore words

Conclusion: It is not practical to add release size matching/filtering to SG without creating a cascade of side effect issues for the user. False positives very rarely happen, but when they do, many providers are happy to fix listings once notified. If a provider admin cannot be reached, simply use ignore/require words either in the show settings, or at global search setting level to prevent false +ve snatches. Finally, do not enable the feature to snatch episodes earlier than the aired time to avoid spam uploads.