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FAQ Why Not Found Example

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Example how to investigate what is happening during auto search

Note: The provider option "allow active searching" must be enabled for manual searching.
Note2: Using NzbHydra with SickGear has proven to degrade SG search.

  • The following text helps as a guide for how to self diagnose
  • The user expected a show episode to be found, and doubted SG when it wasn't
  • This case is Synology NAS, that doesn't really matter apart from showing SG working on Syno
<User> I'm just trying to work out how to get SickGear working.
<User> I've tried several things but aren't having much luck actually downloading
<SG> what download client are you using
<SG> and what do the logs tell you
<User> I'm using a Synology NAS, but I don't think that's the problem.
<User> The issue is that no matter what shows I search for I can't seem to find any
<User> I'm trying to download the first episode of [] as a test but it
       keeps saying: "Unable to find a download for: []"
<SG> ok, add a show like [] as a test
<User> Okay, I'm adding [] now.
<SG> when it is added, go into it select the most recent ep, then click on [Go]
<User> In "Media Providers" I have all the "(PA)" providers ticked.
<User> Is that correct?
<SG> that will do
<User> [] is "searching..."
<User> Oow, snatched!
<SG> therefore, there is no issue, [] was simply not found
<User> And yup, it has appeared in "Download Station" on my NAS.
<SG> now that you have trust that the system works
<SG> you can look at the logs to see the decisions and outcomes that SG makes to help
     you see what has occurred
<User> So are there just no copies of []: episode 1 on those providers?
<SG> exactly
<User> That seems very surprising.

Note: Here the user is still doubting the evidence...

<User> I wasn't actually after [], I was just using them as an example
       as they are now in the public domain and I figured they would be easy to find.
<SG> i got you to add [] so that you would know there is no
     issue in SG
<SG> like i said, go look at the logs, search for [], and you will see
     what SG has done to try find the show
<SG> it will show the urls that were attempted, you can paste those into your 
     browser, and see for yourself
<User> Arrr.
<SG> also, if you have set things like minimum seeders, or ignore words,  
<SG> that too has an effect, of course, but I am assuming you know this  
<User> Just changed the quality of the [] to "SD TV" and now it's
       "queued" (what ever that means ;)
<User> Nope, still couldn't find anything :s

Note: The user still doubts, however, an undesired result is not an incorrect one.

<SG> i have said enough now, you can take what ive said and go look
<User> I did look at the log before.
<User> It says 1 response from (pa.1) and (pa.2)
<User> If you're interested here's the log: [link to log file output]
<User> That is actually what it said before I lowered the quality as well.

Note: So now to get the user to believe that what they are looking at can be trusted is accurate...

<SG> yes and? there is nothing wrong there, when i copy/paste any of the urls in that
     log into a browser (as i suggested you do)
<SG> i see there is no results, so there is no issue here
<User> Okay, so [] is just far less common that I thought it would be.
<User> Thanks.
<User> (:
<SG> would probably have better luck at non (pa) providers for that []
<User> Okay.
<User> I just assumed it would be everywhere on account of it being in the public
       domain now. Obviously that is just not the case.

In conclusion, this user was convinced that must be available and that there was fault in SG. This individual took 30 minutes to convince otherwise, and there have been others. This post was created so that all the users collectively do not waste our life hours chasing after such claims without first doing their own self-checks.