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My collection of configuration options, plugins, and other stuff that make my daily life easier. I like to keep my setup quite minimal and simple, there is a ~200 line ruby script called dot which will do the following:

  • Install homebrew plugins defined in the constant HOMEBREW_PACKAGES which can have install options through HOMEBREW_INSTALL_OPTIONS.
  • Install asdf plugins defined in ASDF_PLUGINS, versions can be supplied in the format of a asdf list-all [language] entry.
  • Run some defaults write commands that make finder show .dotfiles as well and to hide the dock unless it is hovered over for a very long time.
  • Symlink the actual dotfiles to their destinations, see the MAP constant for how this works.
  • Install vim-plug and also install and update vim plugins.

Link dotfiles

$ git clone
$ ./dotfiles/bin/dot
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