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JavaScript micro library to generate gradient color stops πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
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JavaScript micro library to generate gradient color stops

Demo UMD Bundle


npm install gradstop
import gradstop from 'gradstop';

const gradient = gradstop({
    stops: 5,
    inputFormat: 'hex',
    colorArray: ['#343838', '#00DFFC']

// rgb(52,56,56), rgb(39,97,105), rgb(26,139,154), rgb(13,181,203), rgb(0,223,252)

Gradient Strip

Default Parameters:

  • inputFormat: 'hex' (supports hex, rgb and hsl)
  • stops: 5
  • colorArray: ['#fff', '#000'] (supports upto 4 values)

Both shorthand(#fff) and standard(#ffffff) format hex values are supported.

Polyfills required:

  • Math.trunc
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