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iTunes Remote

Remotely control iTunes on Mac without Internet!
Multiple clients can access the remote independently, and the UI will always be in sync

✨ Built using WebSockets, AppleScript, React, and Redux ✨


  • git clone
  • cd iTunes-Remote
  • npm install --only=production or yarn install --prod
  • npm start
  • Open the displayed link in a browser to access the remote. The other device should be on same network, a Wi-Fi hotspot without internet would also work.


  • Play & Pause current track
  • Play next & previous track
  • Change volume
  • Play a particular track or playlist
  • Start iTunes if not running


  • macOS or OSX
  • Node >= 6.0


  • Install all dependencies
    npm install or yarn
  • Start server
    npm start
  • Start JS (ES6) and Sass compilation
    npm run dev
  • Final build
    npm run build

How is it different from the already existing Remote app by Apple?

Functionality wise both are similar. Although, the Apple app only works on Apple devices. Whereas, this is a web app, you can open it on any device with an internet browser. And it works without Internet too.
Make a hotspot ➡ open the displayed link in a browser ➡ annnd you're good to go! 🚀