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Sidebar Enhancements

In other languages

Japanese - http://taamemo.blogspot.jp/2012/10/sublime-text-2-sidebarenhancements.html?m=1

Russian - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I0dJTd58kI&feature=youtu.be&a

Chinese - https://github.com/52fisher/SideBarEnhancements


Sublime Text 3+ Package, It does NOT WORK with ST2, DOES NOT; Use Sublime Text 3 Please.

Provides enhancements to the operations on Sidebar of Files and Folders for Sublime Text. http://www.sublimetext.com/

Notably provides delete as "move to trash", open with.. and a clipboard.

Close, move, open and restore buffers affected by a rename/move command. (even on folders)

Provides the basics: new file/folder, edit, open/run, reveal, find in selected/parent/project, cut, copy, paste, paste in parent, rename, move, delete, refresh....

The not so basic: copy paths as URIs, URLs, content as UTF8, content as data:uri base64 ( nice for embedding into CSS! ), copy as tags img/a/script/style, duplicate

Preference to control if a buffer should be closed when affected by a deletion operation.

Allows to display "file modified date" and "file size" on statusbar.



Download or clone the contents of this repository to a folder named exactly as the package name into the Packages/ folder of ST.

Troubleshooting Installation:

If you have problems with the installation, do this:

  • First please note this package only adds a context menu to the "Folders" section and not to the "Open Files" section.
  • Open the package folder. Main menu -> Preferences -> Browse Packages.
  • Close Sublime Text.
  • Remove the folder "Packages/SideBarEnhancements"
  • Remove the folder "User/SideBarEnhancements"
  • Navigate one folder up, to "Installed Packages/", check for any instance of SideBarEnhancements and remove it.
  • Open ST, with Package Control go to : Remove Package, check for any instance of SideBarEnhancements and remove it.
  • Restart ST
  • Open ST, check if there is any entry about SideBarEnhancements in Package Control(in sections: "Remove Package" and just in case in "Enable Package")
  • Repeat until you find there no entry about SideBarEnhancements
  • Restart ST
  • Install it.
  • It works

F12 key

(Please note that from version 2.122104 this package no longer provides the key, you need to manually add it to your sublime-keymap file (see next section))

F12 key allows you to open the current file in browser.

url_testing allows you to set the url of your local server, opened via F12

url_production allows you to set the url of your production server, opened via ALT+F12

With absolute paths

  • Right click any file on sidebar and select: "Project -> Edit Projects Preview URLs"
  • Edit this file, and add your paths and URLs with the following structure:

With relative paths

Imagine we have a project with the following structure

Project/ < - root project folder
Project/public/ < - the folder we want to load as "http://localhost/"
Project/experimental/ < - other folder we may run as experimental/test in another url "http://experimental/"

Then we create configuration file:


with content:



You can create config files some/folder/.sublime/SideBarEnhancements.json anywhere.

F12 key conflict

On Sublime Text 3 F12 key is bound to "goto_definition" command by default. This package was conflicting with that key, this no longers happens. You need to manually add the keys now: Go to Preferences -> Package Settings -> Side Bar -> Key Bindings - User and add any of the following:

		{ "keys": ["f12"],
			"command": "side_bar_open_in_browser" ,
			"args":{"paths":[], "type":"testing", "browser":""}
		{ "keys": ["alt+f12"],
			"command": "side_bar_open_in_browser",
			"args":{"paths":[], "type":"production", "browser":""}
			"keys": ["ctrl+t"],
			"command": "side_bar_new_file2"
			"keys": ["f2"],
			"command": "side_bar_rename"

Keybinding for Find in paths:

You may wish to add a key for opening "find in paths.."

		"keys": ["f10"],
		"id": "side-bar-find-files",
		"command": "side_bar_find_files_path_containing",
		"args": {
			"paths": []

Notes on configuring the Open With menu:

Definitions file: User/SideBarEnhancements/Open With/Side Bar.sublime-menu (note the extra subfolder levels). To open it, right-click on any file in an open project and select Open With > Edit Applications...

  • On OSX, the 'application' property simply takes the name of an application, to which the file at hand's full path will be passed as if with open ..., e.g.: "application": "Google Chrome"
  • On OSX, invoking shell commands is NOT supported.
//application 1
	"caption": "Photoshop",
	"id": "side-bar-files-open-with-photoshop",
	"command": "side_bar_files_open_with",
	"args": {
		"paths": [],
		"application": "Adobe Photoshop CS5.app", // OSX
		"extensions":"psd|png|jpg|jpeg",  //any file with these extensions
	"open_automatically" : true // will close the view/tab and launch the application

Vars on "args" param

  • $PATH - The full path to the current file, e. g., C:\Files\Chapter1.txt.
  • $PROJECT - The root directory of the current project.
  • $DIRNAME - The directory of the current file, e. g., C:\Files.
  • $NAME - The name portion of the current file, e. g., Chapter1.txt.
  • $EXTENSION - The extension portion of the current file, e. g., txt.


Q: Why the menu is not shown on Open Files?

  • It should be mentioned that the package's context menu is only available for files and folders in a project (section Folders in the side bar), and not on the open files listed at the top of the side bar, due to a limitation of ST.

Q: Can the package stop "show preview in a right click to a file".

  • No, ​I'm sorry, can't figure out how to prevent it.

Using the External Libraries

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