Easy to Use, Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) desktop client
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Siderus Orion - Easy to use IPFS desktop client

Siderus Orion is an easy to use inter planetary file system desktop client. It allows you to easily add, share, remove files and manage the IPFS repository from an UI. It includes all the dependencies needed, and works on every major operative system. It is developed and maintained by Siderus.



To download the latest version, you can check the latest release page

We support the following operative systems, but feel free to try it on different ones:

  • macOS (latest)
  • Windows 10
  • GNU/Linux

Ubuntu / Debian Repository

To download Siderus Orion for Ubuntu, you can add Siderus debian reposiotry:

wget -qO - https://get.siderus.io/key.public.asc | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb https://get.siderus.io/ apt/" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/siderus.list
sudo apt update

And then you can install the orion package by running:

sudo apt install orion

About the project

The user should be able to manage the repository by adding, downloading and removing files from the node using an GUI instead of CLI or web interface.

The main goals of this project are:

  • Help embracing IPFS by providing an easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Help the user understanding IPFS and the decentralised web.
  • Show only what is important to the user (Ex: the name of the files/directory, not just CID)
  • Help the user achieving their goals using IPFS instead of traditional tools (Download, upload, update)


  • Manages the files pinned in the repository (Not just objects and CID)
  • Allows Downloads/Uploads to the IPFS node
  • Integrates with OS actions like drag-and-drop or URI
  • Provides information and statistics about the repository and the daemon
  • Integrates with Siderus IPFS for faster network and gateway connections
  • Allows to maintain a daemon from the interface
  • Integration external services/tools for encryption and content distribution

Custom integrations via the CLI

You can also use Orion via the CLI. This is useful if you want to write an automated script, an integration with a native file manager like Nautilus or anything that can be programmed. Currently it's only possible to add files, but most Orion features can be added to the CLI with little to no effort so feel free to request your favorite by opening an issue.

Adding a file

In your terminal run:

orion --add ./path/to/myfile.txt ~/second-file.txt

This assumes the orion binary to be in the $PATH variable or in the local directory.

Learn more

You can find more documentation in the following pages:

How To Help

Note: This project is not ready for a stable use. Help is needed! It is developed using Electron and React, but we have a lot of things to do!

You can contribute by checking what should be done in the Issue Board.

If you need to report something, please send an email to hello@siderus.io or contact us directly in the chatroom on Matrix!