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// Dictionary.h
// Header file for the Dictionary ADT
// Dictionary
// Exported reference type
typedef struct DictionaryObj* Dictionary;
// newDictionary()
// constructor for the Dictionary type
Dictionary newDictionary(void);
// freeDictionary()
// destructor for the Dictionary type
void freeDictionary(Dictionary* pD);
// isEmpty()
// returns 1 (true) if S is empty, 0 (false) otherwise
// pre: none
int isEmpty(Dictionary D);
// size()
// returns the number of (key, value) pairs in D
// pre: none
int size(Dictionary D);
// lookup()
// returns the value v such that (k, v) is in D, or returns NULL if no
// such value v exists.
// pre: none
char* lookup(Dictionary D, char* k);
// insert()
// inserts new (key,value) pair into D
// pre: lookup(D, k)==NULL
void insert(Dictionary D, char* k, char* v);
// delete()
// deletes pair with the key k
// pre: lookup(D, k)!=NULL
void delete(Dictionary D, char* k);
// makeEmpty()
// re-sets D to the empty state.
// pre: none
void makeEmpty(Dictionary D);
// printDictionary()
// pre: none
// prints a text representation of D to the file pointed to by out
void printDictionary(FILE* out, Dictionary D);
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