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The next gen social app destined to replace Twitter ;-)
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Hollagram for iOS - Holla!

The next gen social app destined to replace Twitter ;-)



  • From the StackMob Dashbaord create a new app.
  • Go through the Getting Started to Download the StackMob SDK and make your first API call

Add Binary field to the User Schema

Every new StackMob has a User schema created by default. You'll want to add a new field to the User Schema. The field should be called "pic" and have a type of "binary" In order to use the binary type field, you'll need to setup Amazon S3 with StackMob . Here is a step by step guide to do it.

Add API Key to AppDelegate.m

The last thing you'll need to do is get your Public Development API key copy and paste it into your AppDelegate.

self.client = [[SMClient alloc] initWithAPIVersion:@"0"  publicKey:@"YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY"];
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