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StackMob Javascript Examples

Welcome! You're here because you downloaded the JS SDK Starter zip or you've forked/cloned the JS Examples GitHub repo.

Here are several examples utilizing the JS SDK. Feel free to use the code as you wish - copy, reuse.. recycle?

There are demos and examples for your reference.

Do you need a GitHub project to try StackMob hosting? Feel free to use this one by forking it to your GitHub account!

You can find the stackmob-javascript-examples repo at


The root folder has index.html which will get you started right away!

Included are examples housed in each respective folder.

Running the Examples

You'll need to initialize StackMob.init({ ... }) with your application's information. Some of these examples also need specific schemas and relationships set up. These will be described in the example pages and respective READMEs.

First, Setup your JS SDK and your StackMob Local Runner.

Save your .stackmob file to the folder. For instance, if you see:

    /mycomputer/JS Starter 0.5.0/index.html

Then save your .stackmob file into:

    /mycomputer/JS Starter 0.5.0/.stackmob

You should then run StackMob Local Runner from the root folder. In your terminal/command prompt, run:

    >  stackmob server

Once Local Runner is running, feel free to start exploring by visiting these pages!

...and more!

Contributing to the Examples

Have some examples on how to use the StackMob JS SDK in NodeJS? How about CoffeeScript? Email us at or simply fork this repo and submit a pull request!

If you'd like to share your repo, contact us at and we can also link to it.

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