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PayPal PHP Invoice SDK


PayPal's PHP Invoice SDK requires

  • PHP version 5.2.11 or above with the following extensions enabled
  • cURL with openSSL support

Using the SDK

To use the SDK,

  • Copy the config and lib folders into your project.
  • Make sure that the lib folder in your project is available in PHP's include path
  • Include the services\InvoiceService.php file in your code.
  • Create a service wrapper object
  • Create a request object as per your project's needs. All the API request and response classes are available in services\Invoice\Invoice.php
  • Invoke the appropriate method on the request object.

For example,

require_once 'services\InvoiceService.php';

$req = new CreateInvoiceRequest();
$req->invoice = $invo;

$invc = new InvoiceService();
$ret = $invc->CreateInvoice($req);

SDK Configuration

The SDK uses an INI format configuration file. The default location for this file is config/sdk_config.ini You can use the configuration file to configure

  • (Multiple) API account credentials.
  • HTTP connection parameters
  • Service endpoint

Please refer to the sample config file provided with this bundle