Tool to read & import lists of Photo Metadata (*.txt) to MS Access and perform simple Time-Aggregation, Conversion and Export tasks.
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Access Photo Database Interface

Tool to read & import lists of Photo Metadata (*.txt) to MS Access and perform simple Time-Aggregation, Conversion and Export tasks.

A Photo Database Interface that helps importing lists of photo metadata to Access for simple analysis and conversion tasks. Tested for up to 5M photo entries.

photo Database Interface


Automation of reoccuring photo metadata processing tasks for testing & visualization. This tool is also used to calculate Tag Statistics for the generation of tag maps.

Main features:

  • importing clipped data files from ClipGeo
  • cleaning up tag data
  • exporting an ArcGIS compatible database (*.mdb)
  • time analysis (month, daytime, year)
  • preparing taglist (*.dbf) for clustering tag data with ArcGIS-Tag-Maps-Tools

Code Example

The following code counts and aggregates unique users (or photos) per day and exports list into a new table. This code can be used as a template for preparing other reoccuring MySQL queries.

    Sub UniqueDay_statistics()
		Dim db As DAO.Database
		Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
		Dim sSQL As String
		Set form1 = Forms("Database Tools")
		Set db = CurrentDb

		tablename = form1.Text78.Value
		feldname = "TimeStamp"
		feldname_Countdistinct = form1.Text90.Value
		output_name = tablename & "_perUNIQUEDAY"

		If Not IsNull(DLookup("Type", "MSYSObjects", "Name='" & output_name & "'")) Then
			MsgBox "Query " & output_name & ": an object already exists with this name, using this one instead."
			CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef output_name, "SELECT * FROM taglist_templ"
		End If

		DoCmd.SetWarnings False
		Set qdf = db.QueryDefs(output_name)
		sSQL = " SELECT UNIQUEDAY, COUNT([" & feldname_Countdistinct & "]) AS " & feldname_Countdistinct & "_COUNT"
		sSQL = sSQL & " FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT Format(" & tablename & ".[" & feldname & "],'mm/dd/yyyy') AS UNIQUEDAY, [" & feldname_Countdistinct & "] FROM " & tablename & ") AS TBL_tmp"
		qdf.SQL = sSQL

		DoCmd.OpenQuery output_name
		DoCmd.SetWarnings True
		Set qdf = Nothing
		Set db = Nothing
		DoCmd.OpenQuery output_name, acViewNormal, acReadOnly
	End Sub



  • todo: future goals

Built With

This project includes and makes use of several other projects/libraries/frameworks:

RegExprReplace - by Patrick G. Matthews

Function for using Regular Expressions to parse a string, and replace parts of the string matching the specified pattern with another string. Optionally used to clean photo metadata