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@Jineapple Jineapple released this May 10, 2018

I've worked on enabling automatic scenario conversion for WololoKingdoms with Trigger Studio.
-Open an .aoe2scenario file
-Under Tools, click "Convert to WololoKingdoms Scenario"
-Save the file as AOC 1.5 .scx

Current issues:
-The standard HD AI is being set to Promi (the standard WK AI). Other AIs are not changed. You might need to port custom AIs to WK manually.
-Some Triggers might behave differently. If you encounter any issues, please share a scenario with exact reproduction steps so I can investigate the issue.
-There is only a limited number of terrains in aoc, so not everything can be 100% recreated (e.g. if normal and DLC water terrains are used side by side), but there's an effort to get it as correct as possible. With regular land terrains, you shouldn't encounter issues hopefully.

Let me know if you have problems with this so I can try to fix them :)

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