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A Go task runner designed to run scripts across a wide range of platforms
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Executor GoDoc Build Status

Go based task runner for cross platform script execution

Executor is designed to simplify the task of running user configurable scripts across a wide range of platforms. This use case is common when writing a test runner or automated deployment tool like Depro.


  • Simple API allows you to quickly get started and minimize boilerplate
  • Pluggable Shells allow you to pick and chose the shell plugins you wish to use, or even create your own.
  • Powerful Configuration of each task's arguments and environment, as well as the environment of your executor instance - allowing you to quickly build hierarchical environments.


package main

import (

    executor ""

func main() {
    exec := executor.NewExecutor("powershell")
    exec.Environment["RUNNER"] = "Executor"

    task := executor.NewTask([]string{
        "Write-Host 'Hello World!'",
    }, nil, nil)

    err := exec.Run(task)
    if err != nil {
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