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A Go based server configuration management platform
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Infrastructure configuration management

InfraRed provides a configuration management endpoint which is intended to be consumed by services operating within a private cloud. It offers a way to quickly and easily register and configure nodes on your network, as well as make those nodes discoverable for consumers, as well as providing a centralized configuration source for those nodes.


Example Usage

irclient register http://localhost:8080 mongodb
irclient beam http://localhost:8080
irserver config.json

Command Line Options

irclient command server [nodetype] [hostname] [port]

  register  - Registers this node with the specified server
  beam      - Submits a stream of heartbeats to the server until the process is terminated
server   - The Infrared server managing the nodes
nodetype - The type of node to register
hostname - The hostname or IP address to be used when accessing this node
port     - The port number of the service running on this node
irserver config [listenOn] [dbServers] [database]

config    - The configuration file specifying the server's various options
listenOn  - A listen specification like :8080
dbServers - The database servers to connect to, something like dbhost1,dbhost2:27016
database  - The name of the database to store information in


  "listen": ":8080",
  "database": {
    "url": "localhost",
    "db": "infrared"


InfraRed provides a REST API which allows you to register nodes under a specific node_type as well as assigning and retrieving configuration information for each of those node_types.

Node API

The Node API allows you to easily manage registered nodes on the InfraRed server.

List of Online Nodes

GET /api/v1/:node_type

Gets the list of nodes of type node_type which have recently triggered a heartbeat.

  "id": "abcdef1234567890",
  "type": "mongodb",
  "hostname": "",
  "port": 27016,
  "lastSeen": "1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z"

Node Heartbeat Endpoint

GET /api/v1/:node_type/:id/heartbeat

Submits a heartbeat request to InfraRed to inform it that this node is still online.

Retrieving a Node's Details

GET /api/v1/:node_type/:id

Requests the details of a specific node from the InfraRed server.

  "address": "",
  "port": 1234,
  "online": true	

Registering a Node

POST /api/v1/:node_type

  "address": "",
  "port": 1234	

Creates a new node on the InfraRed server, the server will respond with a unique identifier for this node.

  "id": "abcdef123456789"	

Updating a Node's Details

PUT /api/v1/:node_type/:id

  "address": "",
  "port": 1235	

Updates the details associated with a node in InfraRed - for example, if the node changes its IP address or listening port.

Removing a Node

DELETE /api/v1/:node_type/:id

Removes a node from InfraRed.

Configuration API

The configuration API allows you to specify configuration options for specific node types and then subsequently retrieve them for later use.

Get Configuration

GET /api/v1/:node_type/config

Gets the configuration associated with the node_type on the InfraRed server.

  "myOption": true	

Set Configuration

PUT /api/v1/:node_type/config

  "myOption": true 

Sets the configuration options for a specific node type.

UDP Heartbeat Endpoint

In the interest of performance, you can send heartbeats to a UDP endpoint. These heartbeats are encoded using ProtocolBuffers and defined by the following protocol specification.

package infrared;

message Heartbeat {
  required string id = 1;
  required string node_type = 2;
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