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Node.js VisualStudio IntelliSense
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Original LICENSE

Node.js IntelliSense for Visual Studio

  • Require VisualStudio 2012 / Visual Studio 2010
  • This project adds definitions for Node.js libraries to Visual Studio's Javascript IntelliSense.

##Installation Copy the nodelib folder from this repository to the root directory of your website project.



/// <reference path="~/nodelib/node.js"/>

to ~/Scripts/_references.js.

###Adding custom modules To add IntelliSense for non-built-in modules, set require.modules.module name to the object exported by the module. Calling require("module name") will then return that object.

You can usually expose existing files by creating a separate file that looks like this:

/// <reference path="../node_modules/q/q.js" />
require.modules.q = exports;
exports = module.exports = {};

And referencing that file in ~/Scripts/_references.js.


Copylight © 2013 Tadahiro Ishisaka (

See below "LICENSE" file.


Originally written by kurouninn.

As for the original source code, the MIT license is former-distributed. See below "Original License" file.


Very, very thanks kuroninn.



  • Add support for custom modules defined in require.modules. (by SLaks)


  • Alpha Release.
  • Target Node.js version 0.8.19

###v0.1.0: 2013/01/20

  • Alpha Release.
  • Target Node.js version 0.8.17
  • The addition of summary comments from original codes.
  • The addition of Punycode library codes.
  • All Classes and functions are modified from original code.
  • Author changed.
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