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ALEOS AF training

Training dedicated to Sierra Wireless [ALEOS Application Framework] (


This project aims to provide users with some self training material about ALEOS AF. It will help users to:

  • Setup the whole environment needed to use ALEOS AF.
  • Be confortable with the basics of Lua, the programing language used in ALEOS AF.
  • Get an overview of the libraries provided by ALEOS AF.
  • Be introduced to AirVantage service platform that can help operate ALEOS AF solutions.


This training targets developers at large. No prior experience with Lua, embedded development or Sierra Wireless devices is required. However some basic knowledge about programation may be needed.


The training is devided into "labs" that target one or several aspects of ALEOS AF. These labs are built around code samples and associated exercises.

Each lab includes:

  • A file that describes the lab andprovides the instructions for the exercises
  • A mock project that need to be imported in the IDE. This project contains Lua files that will be completed during the exercises
  • A solution project that can be imported in the IDE in order to be compared to the completed mock project.


The labs are meant to be done in the folowing order:

  1. Environement
    1. [Setup] (
    2. [Getting Started] (
  2. Lua 3. [Lua Basics] ( 4. [Lua Functions] ( 5. [Lua Tables] ( 6. [Lua Modules] ( 7. [Lua Objects] (
  3. AlEOS AF

Feedback and Support

To get support or share some feedback about the training, please use Sierra Wireless [forum] (

On site training

If you want to attend an ALEOS AF live training, please refer tothe dedicated [page] ( on Sierra Wireless Developer Zone.