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Qubes OS rpm for i3 4.12

You'll find the full installation instructions and more information on https://sietse.no/i3-wm-in-qubes-os

To install, follow these steps:

First, clone the repository in a vm (if needed, install git first):

user@vm$ git clone https://github.com/SietsevanderMolen/i3-qubes.git

Then make sure all dependencies are installed:

user@vm$ sudo dnf install -y $(cat build-deps.list)

After that, build the rpm:

user@vm$ make rpms

Then, copy the rpm to your Dom0:

user@Dom0$ qvm-run --pass-io <vmname> 'cat /path/to/rpm/x86_64/i3-4.12-3.f23.x86_64.rpm' > i3-4.12-3.f23.x86_64.rpm

And finally install it:

user@Dom0$ sudo yum localinstall i3-4.12-3.f23.x86_64.rpm

Log out, log in again and configure to your needs!


https://github.com/SietsevanderMolen https://github.com/o- https://github.com/minad