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Sigimera Test Client

Here you will find further information how to use the testing application that make use of the Sigimera API (

What is Sigimera?

Sigimera is a Crises Information Platform that combines information from authorities with information from the community. Additional it allows the parties to communicate with each other. This combination makes the platform to a powerful instrument in- and out-side crisis areas.

Why should I care?

Dependent on your situation you can find different information. A few examples are …

  • … current crisis, e.g. magnitude, start and end time, affected people

  • … past crisis. Specially useful for research about historical events.

  • … missing people. If you have lost somebody during a crisis you can add him/her to the missing people dashboard and maybe somebody knows where the missing person is.

Why do I should write an application?

In order to help people during and after crisis is important to help them with much information as possible. You can help other people to help, when you develop an application that allows them to contribute.

Where do I can find more information about Sigimera?

  • The best starting point is to visit

  • If you plan to develop and application that makse use of the REST API ( provided by the Sigimera Platform you can checkout this project and play around with the examples.