A signalk server implemented in java
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Signal K java server

An example Signal K server using java. If you are after a quick install and trial of the java signalk server then you should use the signalk-java project. Its easier to install and has the front end that was previously in this project.

Provided under an Apache 2 licence

Current capabilities:

  • Accepts as input:

    • NMEA0813
    • AIS
    • NMEA2000 in Canboat format
    • Signalk json
  • Reads input from:

    • TCP/IP sockets
    • Websockets
    • HTTP via REST api
    • MQTT
    • STOMP
    • Serial
    • USB
    • local files
  • Outputs to:

    • TCP/IP sockets
    • UDP sockets
    • Websockets
    • HTTP via REST api
    • MQTT
    • STOMP
    • Serial
    • USB
  • Supports:

    • NEW: provides discovery over Bonjour, Zeroconf and DNS-SD
    • AIS targets displayed
    • TCP and MQTT clients (listen to remote servers)
    • On-demand user apps, sort of works, anyway :-) Bit early for some of the apps yet.
    • Delta and Full signalk formats, and translations between them.
    • Subscriptions, with * and ? wildcards. Configurable format, period and delivery policy
    • LIST - get a list of available signalk keys with * and ? wildcard support
    • GET - get data matching keys on demand
    • PUT - send data on demand
    • UPDATES - periodic messages.
    • has http://hawt.io management console on localhost:8000/hawtio
    • Anchor watch
    • metadata based alarms and gui configs.
  • Todo:

    • _attr based security


The project is not in any public maven repository yet but is available from jitpack.io. To use that version add the following to your pom.xml:

		<!--choose appropriate version-->


The project is developed and built using maven and eclipse.

You will need to clone the signalk-core-java project and build it with maven , then the signalk-server-java project.

The default signalk-server-java build will use the most recent jitpack.io signalk-core build, so for dev you need to set the system property in maven as follows. This will cause the builds to use the dev dependencies, from your local repository.

mvn -Dsignalk.build=dev install

The signalk-core-java project is usable separately and contains the core model, and useful helpers.