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ab46173 @davidfowl Initial commit
davidfowl authored
1 [Oo]bj/
2 [Bb]in/
3 *.user
4 /TestResults
5 *.vspscc
6 *.vssscc
7 deploy
8 deploy/*
9 *.suo
10 *.cache
11 *.docstates
12 _ReSharper.*
13 *.csproj.user
14 *[Rr]e[Ss]harper.user
15 _ReSharper.*/
16 packages/*
41be1f7 @davidfowl Set BuildPackage flag in project files
davidfowl authored
17 artifacts/*
b953b23 @DamianEdwards Deleted RemoveConnection from ITransportHeartBeat as it's only used i…
DamianEdwards authored
18 msbuild.log
94aaf97 @DamianEdwards Ignore VS performance profile files
DamianEdwards authored
19 PublishProfiles/
901f27a @DamianEdwards Added sends counting to SignalR.Stress
DamianEdwards authored
20 *.psess
21 *.vsp
fb4c19c @davidfowl Initial work to get SignalR building with xBuild on osx
davidfowl authored
22 *.pidb
23 *.userprefs
ca38304 @davidfowl Ignore ncrunch files.
davidfowl authored
24 *DS_Store
25 *.ncrunchsolution
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