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Async signaling library for .NET to help build real-time, multi-user interactive web applications

What can it be used for?

Pushing data from the server to the client (not just browser clients) has always been a tough problem. SignalR makes it dead easy and handles all the heavy lifting for you.


See the documentation

Get it on NuGet!

Install-Package SignalR

Get a sample on NuGet, straight into your app!

Install-Package SignalR.Sample


MIT License

Building the source


After cloning the repository, run build.cmd.

If the SignalR.Samples csproj won't load when opening the solution in Visual Studio then download Web Platform Installer and install IIS Express.


After cloning the repository, run make.

NOTE: Run make tests to run the unit tests. After running them it'll probably hang. If it does hang use Ctrl+C to break out (We're still working on this).

Open SignalR.Mono.sln to do development.


The SignalR team hangs out in the signalr room at on JabbR.

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