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SignalR Release Notes

0.5.2 (Official Release)

  • ForeverFrame reconnect error: null frame reference (#447)
  • Error when clicking link (IE only) (#446)
  • Fixed zombie connections issue with forever transports (7d5204e55d)
  • ForeverFrame transport does not handle embedded </script> tags properly (#413)
  • Made some modifications to js client for SSE and longpolling transports. (5d782dc3b4)
  • Duplicate connections on reconnect with SSE transport (#452)
  • Added .NET 3.5 Client (9e3a95c65f)
  • Add server variables to the IRequest abstraction (#438)
  • Forever frame slows down in IE after receiving many messages (#458)
  • Reworked connection tracking logic (8d27c97792)
  • Fix connect bug in IE6 with longpolling (7ab434c02d)
  • Optimized type conversation so we don't end up parsing JSON twice on hub calls (50cefbba42)
  • Clean up the way we use connection state in the .NET Client (#474)
  • Added an overload to Send that allows passing an object (.NET Client) (9c171bd8e7)
  • Don't parse the message ID as a long (.NET client) (#475)
  • Prevent hang on Connection.Start() (5752d6007b)
  • Stop EventSource before calling onFailed (5c7536131b)
  • Fixed issues with cross domain websockets (#461)
  • HeartBeat.MarkConnection(this) called twice per Send(..) in ForeverTransport (#333)

0.5.1 (Official Release)

  • Windows RT client support (#171)
  • Fixed Race condition in .NET SSE transport (#341)
  • Added reconnect support for Websocket transport (#395)
  • Implemented clean disconnect support on browser close (#396)
  • Added async flush support for ASP.NET 4.5 (#402)
  • Fixed websockets in WinJS client (407)
  • Added connection state and new state changed event to js and .NET client (431)
  • Check connection state before retrying in js client (af2ae94133)
  • Turn keep alive on by default (47e17b68ce)
  • Auto detect cross domain (0a5c62438b)
  • Changed IResponse.Write and End to take ArraySegment instead of string (f521fd2e6a)
  • Added hubify.exe to generate the hubs file at build time (e7672ebb60)
  • Built WebSockets transport into the core.

v0.5.0 (Official Release)

  • Server Send Events connections not closing (#369)
  • Allow HubConnection to specify hub url (#368)
  • Added current IPrincipal to IRequest. (e381ef1cb6)
  • Remove implicit Send overload from PersistentConnection. (44ff03aafa)
  • Regression: Method overloads no longer work in hubs because of caching. (#362)

v0.5.0 RC (Stable Prerelease)

  • Performance: Only register for disconnect for chunked requests on self host. (#352)
  • Provide way to override default resolver in ASP.NET other than through routing. (#347)
  • Performance: Only subscribe to hubs that have method subscriptions (#346)
  • Don't create all hub instances on connect/reconnect/disconnect (#345)
  • Hub names are case sensitive. (#344)
  • Crappy error message when failing to create a hub (#343)
  • Performance: InProcessMessageBus.RemoveExpiredEntries takes N+1 locks to remove N entries (#335)
  • Performance: Use DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now. (7edef25411)
  • Fixed incompatibility with jQuery.Validate (#328, #145).
  • .NET Client Fixed race condition in Stop() after connection fails. (cd87d40583)
  • ReflectedMethodDescriptor::TryGetMethod Executable Method Caching (#351)
  • Disconnect is broken in webfarms (#69)

v0.5.0 (Stable Prerelease)

Bugs Fixed

  • Missing messages in some cases (#307)
  • Exception in .NET client when fiddler attached (#304)
  • Calling Send multiple times fails (#260)
  • Exception in .NET client SSE impl with large messages (#256)
  • Invoking Hub methods with byte[] arguments fail (#245)
  • Fixed encoding issues with self host (#244)
  • Calling Stop then Start after Start fails doesn't restart .NET client (#226)
  • Unobserved task exception on long polling transport when server is restarted during first request (#320)
  • Hubs in inner classes don't work (#204)
  • LongPolling raises IConnected.Reconnect too many times (#188)
  • Issues with large message sizes (#163)
  • Regression: Reconnect client after server restart (#24)
  • Fixed Guids in Hub method parameters (#194)
  • SelfHost Server not recognising remote disconnections (#214)
  • Removed double deserialize from .NET client. (fbb3ea615d)


  • Mono support (#58)
  • Dynamic hubs implementation (#276)
  • Improved serveral APIs to be more consistent (#20)
  • Cross domain via jsonp (#6)
  • Transports need to send "Keep Alives" (#168)
  • Add Current User Identity to SignalR.Hosting.Request (#241)
  • Added support fo Silverlight 5 Client (#264)
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