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Updated release notes for 0.5.2

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# SignalR Release Notes
+# 0.5.2 (Official Release)
+* ForeverFrame reconnect error: null frame reference ([#447](
+* Error when clicking link (IE only) ([#446](
+* Fixed zombie connections issue with forever transports ([7d5204e55d](
+* ForeverFrame transport does not handle embedded ```</script>``` tags properly ([#413](
+* Made some modifications to js client for SSE and longpolling transports. ([5d782dc3b4](
+* Duplicate connections on reconnect with SSE transport ([#452](
+* Added .NET 3.5 Client ([9e3a95c65f](
+* Add server variables to the IRequest abstraction ([#438](
+* Forever frame slows down in IE after receiving many messages ([#458](
+* Reworked connection tracking logic ([8d27c97792](
+* Fix connect bug in IE6 with longpolling ([7ab434c02d](
+* Optimized type conversation so we don't end up parsing JSON twice on hub calls ([50cefbba42](
+* Clean up the way we use connection state in the .NET Client ([#474](
+* Added an overload to Send that allows passing an object (.NET Client) ([9c171bd8e7](
+* Don't parse the message ID as a long (.NET client) ([#475](
+* Prevent hang on Connection.Start() ([5752d6007b](
+* Stop EventSource before calling onFailed ([5c7536131b](
+* Fixed issues with cross domain websockets ([#461](
+* HeartBeat.MarkConnection(this) called twice per Send(..) in ForeverTransport ([#333](
# 0.5.1 (Official Release)
* Windows RT client support ([#171](
* Fixed Race condition in .NET SSE transport ([#341](
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