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Changed noCache param to Ticks

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1 parent f68e066 commit 6dd412b8054415b9fec46f6a41155ff3d0e88032 @davidhess davidhess committed Jul 17, 2012
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  1. +2 −1 SignalR.Client/Transports/HttpBasedTransport.cs
3 SignalR.Client/Transports/HttpBasedTransport.cs
@@ -129,7 +129,8 @@ protected string GetReceiveQueryString(IConnection connection, string data)
private static string GetNoCacheUrlParam()
- return "noCache=" + DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss");
+ //Updated to Ticks according to Samual Jack's comment
+ return "noCache=" + DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString();
protected virtual Action<IRequest> PrepareRequest(IConnection connection)

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SignalR member

As you've contributed to SignalR in the past, I need to contact you regarding some changes we're planning to the copyright and license. Can you please email me at

Damian Edwards

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