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Disable RunInstaller target since it requires admin.

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1 parent cbd7e2e commit fb82f70cc88c31157022c39211c78080ead2d8cc @davidfowl davidfowl committed
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2 Build/Build.proj
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@
<Target Name="CI" DependsOnTargets="Build; RunInstaller; RunTests; BuildPackages;">
- <Target Name="Go" DependsOnTargets="UpdateVersion; Build; RunInstaller; RunTests;">
+ <Target Name="Go" DependsOnTargets="UpdateVersion; Build; RunTests;">
<Target Name="RunInstaller">

3 comments on commit fb82f70

SignalR member

Who isn't running their dev command prompt as admin?

SignalR member

It should skip that step not fail. Add a try catch to your installer.

SignalR member

It does have a catch :S

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