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Maybe it's already possible but i can't find how to do it.

Could you add to the Hub a easy way to broadcast to every Clients but not the Caller (similar to Clients[Context.ClientId])?

Actually the Caller is in the Clients so he always receive his messages (sometimes it's not necessary).


This would be a great feature so that the client code of the sender doesn't have implement logic to track and ignore any responses that were a result of its own send action.

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For hubs:

ClientsExcept(params string[] excludedConnections).someMethod()

For persistent Connection.

Connection.Broadcast(string message, params string[] excludedConnections)

Discussion notes:

  • Change the IMessageBus interface to pass a list of connection ids to exclude which is persisted with the message (so it works on farms etc). Then we read that and do nothing if we're in that list.
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I think it should do the stuff thanks :)


Works for me

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Just realized that in, broadcast means sending to all clients except the sender. This could be a useful default, although it'll be a breaking change. We'll think about that a little bit.


Working with SignalR 0.5 in Hubs, does ClientsExcept still exist? I can access Clients directly from the Hub but not ClientsExcept.

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0.5.4? ;)


i've been working on this on a branch for a few weeks. I'm not ready to do a pull request (unless you'd prefer to discuss over that), because its got a bunch of my test code in it that I want to get rid of beforehand.


Looking for feedback in a few areas:

  1. Implementation details and whether this is a good solution for the problem.
  2. Does this even make sense to open a pull for the 0.5.x series since the Queue got rewritten for 1.0?
  3. Does the message queue in 1.0 offer this ability built in?
  4. I implemented this on the IClientProxy interface that became usable in 0.5.3, I didn't implement it for dynamic invocation methods because my implementation was clunky.

i see this was moved to 1.0alpha...

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is this feature available now?

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It will be in the next version.

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This is finally implemented in master (1.0 alpha1).

Clients.All - All connected clients
Clients.Others - Everyone but me
Clients.Group("groupName", exclude) - All clients in that group (excluding the exclude list of connection ids)
Clients.Client("connectionid") - A specific client
Clients.OtherInGroup("groupName") - All clients in that group except the caller
Clients.AllExcept(exclude) - All clients except the ones specified in the exclude list.


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