With several connections connected, after reconnected, sometimes one of connections can’t receive message however still can send message #1124

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Repro on both release and dev branches:
1. You can use the AspNet Sample, Raw/Default.aspx
2. Start 5+ connections with webSockets or foreverFrame transport on IE10
3. Rebuild AspNet Sample
4. Click the “Send to me” button on each connections
5. Sometimes one of connections can’t receive message however still can send message, while other connections receive/send message just fine
6. You can repeat step #3 and #4 to get repro on the issue.


I am seeing this as well. It also happens when IIS recycles the app pool.


Experiencing this as well

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This might already be fixed in the next version of 2.0 (the rc). It's likely related to #2207

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@gustavo-armenta can you verify that this was indeed fixed in the upcoming RC


@davidfowl Thanks. I'd be happy to check for you, where can I get the RC?

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@bladefist Sure you can get the nightly package builds from http://myget.org/F/aspnetwebstacknightlyrelease or if you want to use the source, you can build from the release branch. Note that upgrading from 1.x to 2.x is requires manual steps as there's breaking changes. You can read the release notes for beta2 here:


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it does not repro anymore, I recycled three times

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