JS client longPolling can't reconnect when server process restarts except after the first rebuild #1246

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JS client longPolling during reconnect, server side OnConnected event triggered, Server ping succeed, but connectionState still reconnecting then timeout, client disconnect the connection.

this is regression from RC1.

Note, if rebuild the app, this issue doesn't repro for the first time after rebuild

1. for hub connection or PersistentConnection, on server side override OnConnected event and call client, e.g. Clients.Caller.foo3(DateTime.Now + ": connected"); in OnReconnected event not call client:
public override Task OnConnected()
Clients.Caller.foo3(DateTime.Now + ": connected");
return null;
public override Task OnReconnected()
return null;
2. request the page to start the connection with longPolling
3. request the page again to make sure it is not just after rebuild
4. stop the server process and restart the server process

You can see on JS client results something like below:
•[13:13:00 PST]: connected => reconnecting a9b4f5eb-d456-43db-bc88-45f651e6da2f
•called foo3: 1/5/2013 1:13:10 PM: connected
•[13:13:40 PST]: reconnecting => disconnected undefined

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