No longer receive messages from server when a download link is clicked #1316

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I have a SignalR RC1 chat page and on it there is a link:

<a href="download.doc">Download</a>

Normally messages are sent and received fine.

When I click the download link, the file is downloaded successfully and the browser (Chrome) remains on the chat page. However, now the connection seems to have been lost and messages are no longer received from the server.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug, and it's a simple workaround to add target="_blank" to the anchor, but I thought I'd raise it here in case there is a fix.


What transport were you using?




Navigating usually breaks connections so I don't think there's nothing we can do about this. Can you turn logging on and see what it says:

$.connection.hub.logging = true;

I can repro for FF, SSE, and LP.
On jQuery 1.8.2 it raises ajaxSend.error from file jquery.signalR.transports.common.js while in jQuery 2.0.0 it does not.
On Fiddler, I can see the last SignalR message was received successfully, no message lost.

On file: samples\Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Hosting.AspNet.Samples\Hubs\Test\clientsCaller.aspx
add line Download
Navigate to: http://localhost:40476/Hubs/Test/clientsCaller.aspx?transport=serverSentEvents
Click download link

Expected Result
Message streaming completes

Actual Result
Message streaming hangs because last message received is not bind to ajaxSend.success

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