Support common scale-out message bus semantics in an abstract base class #1712

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DamianEdwards commented Mar 18, 2013

  • Sharding messages across multiple streams (all the following features need to take multi-stream into account)
  • Queue all outgoing sends up to a maximum configurable size and then fail sends inline
  • Queue all incoming messages so that derivations can call OnReceived concurrently
  • Allow derivations to explicitly start buffering when a recoverable error occurs, e.g. server not available
  • Start in a buffering state until derivations explicitly call Open or OnReceived
  • When in the buffering state, auto-Open when a call to OnReceived is made by the derivation
  • Allow derivations to explicitly close when an unrecoverable error occurs
  • Handle overlapping calls to Open, Buffer, OnReceived and Close made by the derivation
  • Handle calls to Buffer/Close being made inline from a call to Send
  • Ensure any pending queued outgoing sends are not lost when a call to Buffer or Open is made by the derivation
  • Have a ScaleOutSettings class with the common configuration options:
    • error callback
    • batch size/timeout
    • max queue length

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davidfowl commented Apr 2, 2013

@DamianEdwards we need to move batching to another bug for rtw.

Xiaohongt was assigned Apr 2, 2013

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