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Overwhelming the queue can cause issues sending to other clients #1847

gustavo-armenta opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Gustavo Armenta David Fowler Damian Edwards Xiaohong Tang
Gustavo Armenta

Any functional impact
malicious client sending messages without any delay can cause denial of service

Minimal repro steps
Enable ServiceBus scale out in the samples app
Start N instances (usually 2-4) of the .NET client until the last client is not able to send messages

Expected result
all clients should send messages

Actual result
eventually new clients cannot send messages

David Fowler davidfowl was assigned
David Fowler

@gustavo-armenta Can you provide your sample code?

David Fowler

I can reproduce with the client sample.

Damian Edwards

We're going to remove the send queue altogether. It will be up to the application developer to handle load on the backplane based on errors it returns or other app/environment-specific logic.

David Fowler davidfowl referenced this issue from a commit
David Fowler davidfowl Added the ability to tweak the queue size.
- Turned the queue off by default.
- Allow setting the queue size in ScaleoutConfiguration.

David Fowler

@gustavo-armenta The queue size is now configurable and is 0 (disabled) by default. This doesn't fix the issue as we discussed today but it puts the problem onto the scaleout backplane directly.

Xiaohong Tang Xiaohongt was assigned
Xiaohong Tang


Xiaohong Tang Xiaohongt closed this
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